• Anger Journal
    Anger Journal
  • That Bugs Me
    That Bugs Me
  • Keep Your Cool
    Keep Your Cool
  • Mad Isn't Always Bad
    Mad Isn't Always Bad
  • Rules for Fair Fighting
    Rules for Fair Fighting
  • Bubbles
  • The Original Warm Fuzzy
    The Original Warm Fuzzy
  • The Feather
    The Feather
  • The Hurt
    The Hurt
  • Don't Rant and Rave on Wednesday
    Don't Rant and Rave on Wednesday
  • Courage
  • Angry Birds
    Angry Birds
  • Anger Puff
    Anger Puff
  • Don't Pop Your Cork on Monday
    Don't Pop Your Cork on Monday

The Anger Control Kit

The Anger Management page introduces you to strategies for managing anger and gives you the opportunity to find out which ones work best for you. After teaching the strategies, or exploring the topics, we identify a symbol, that will help us remember the strategy. We place the symbol in a small bag/box, "The Anger Control Kit", that the child can keep with them to help trigger strategies when struggling with anger.

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame
    Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame
  • Huge Bag of Worries
    Huge Bag of Worries
  • Go Away Big Green Monster
    Go Away Big Green Monster
  • Bubble Riding
    Bubble Riding
  • Mood Card
    Mood Card
  • Worry Warrior
    Worry Warrior
  • Butterflies in my stomach
    Butterflies in my stomach
  • How to Get Rid of Bad Dreams
    How to Get Rid of Bad Dreams
  • Visualizations
  • Monsters
  • The Way I Feel
    The Way I Feel
  • Happy Thought
    Happy Thought
  • Journaling
  • Worry Stone
    Worry Stone

The Worry Bag

I use The Worry Bag as an intervention with children to help develop coping skills to use when they are feeling anxious. I use a mesh bag as seen in this picture. Symbols for different interventions are placed inside that the child feels . . .

Social Skills Group for children ages 6 – 11

When I work with graduate interns, I ask them to write and implement a Social Skills Group for children ages 6 to 11. I share three books to help them prepare for this task.

Play Therapy

You will find articles for Parents and Professionals about Play Therapy and How to Become a Registered Play Therapist

The Divorce Bag

The Divorce Bag is a way for children to process their feelings about divorce by getting them to think about themselves, their feelings, and the people around them. By adding a different item each topic, they can process information about the divorce and uncover coping mechanisms within themselves until they have a completed bag.

Understanding Your ADHD Child’s Behavior

“No one really understands what we go through with our child,” the mother of a recently diagnosed boy with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) lamented, as we discussed the kinds of encounters, like childish outbursts and aggressive impulses, that sour family gatherings. I knew what she meant.

Resource Store

For Parents, Children and Professionals Books and Toys about: Anger Management, Anxiety, Social Skills, Play Therapy, Divorce, ADHD

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